Who is Leadership Training For?

by Evolve YT | Nov 02, 2021 | Blog, News, Press

When people think of leadership training, supervisory and middle management positions aren't even on the radar. Leadership training has a stigma for being only for people at the executive level, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Supervisors and managers need communication and conflict resolution skills to truly excel in their role. These soft skills help the high performers in your organization embrace the people side of management. Leaders that understand these qualities create an environment that nurtures empowered, self-motivated employees that give their best at work.

Many organizations make the mistake of taking a high performing employee and plopping them into a leadership position. It's only through trial and error that senior leaders slowly begin to realize that performance does not translate into leadership. According to the US Department of Labor, this is a costly process that can run you up to 30% of the employee's first-year earnings.

In service-based businesses, managers, assistant managers, and supervisors have the most direct contact with your other employees. People in these leadership positions are responsible for setting the tone within your team. To succeed in these positions, managers need more than just technical skills. They need strong communication abilities, the capacity to uplift their co-workers, and the willingness to lead other people through difficult situations.