Tom Alego, Target Specialty Products (East)

If you are in the customer service field, your #1 asset is people. If you truly believe in your employees, then they should be taking these courses because you are trying to change behavior and identify who is going to be your next leader of the company. Everyone wants to continue to grow, and if you want to grow your company it has to be through your people and their growth, eventually you must delegate authority to people. If you don’t already have those people on the bench, then you’re just going to go with who you think is the best operations or best sales person and in most cases they aren’t the best manager. These courses make you look at yourself and say how can I be a better person, a better manager, a better peer? There is something there in these courses that is changing our mindsets because of the interaction, homework and the overall course agenda that comes from this inspiring curriculum.

Michael Rottler, Rottler Pest Solutions

We're always looking for content to help us train and develop our people, so I look at this program as an opportunity to not only help us develop leaders and their skill sets but also help us determine if leadership roles are really for them.

Carmen Reino, Anchor Pest Control

As a small entrepreneur I was looking to find a leadership program that would help provide me with expert-guided learning and tools to help grow my business. Evolve YT’s Supervisor Development courses were able to provide me with the guidance I needed as well as ways to improve problem areas within my business through the course final projects. The advice and open line of communication with the instructors greatly improved my confidence as a leader and gave me the solid foundation I needed to scale my business with success.

Anna Kleck, Rose Pest Solutions

Bridging Generations made me think outside of the box and I really enjoyed the class interaction, which provided me with different generational perspectives on how to handle varying situations. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned into our marketing and hiring efforts since I now have a new perspective for approaching communication with the different generations. I highly recommend the course because you’re able to gain a new point of view on how to work and interact with other generations that you wouldn’t understand without experiencing it first-hand.

Dontre Hall, Accel Termite & Pest Control

Building Your Team's Greatness was definitely worth the investment. Without this course I’d be reading a business book trying to figure out what I should be doing as a leader but you were able to come up with a shortcut to the formula and provide me with the key pieces for what I needed to move forward in my leadership role.

Michael Sarnese, Richland Pest Control

“We know how to bring money in, but we want to make sure the profitability is there and that’s what drew me to Rubber Meets the Road. The information Evolve YT shared was eye-opening and at the same time it was good to look in the mirror and evaluate. Our goal is to turn a profit, not just make money. It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep, and you learn how to do that in this course.”

Marvin Dalton, Accel Termite & Pest Control

“I was able to quickly and easily implement the key points from Bridging Generations that we learned in the classes as well as information from the required readings into my daily managerial duties. As a manager, I now take different generational approaches that appeal to the respected generations for my interactions with my technicians in order to improve our communication and work environment.”