What course do I start with?

It does not matter which course you begin with. The program is designed that a student can enter the series from any course.

Can I take just one course?

Yes. The series is totally flexible around what you want to learn and what you want to develop. 

When are the courses and classes held?

We currently have three different formats to fit your scheduling needs. We have a six-week course option, a two-day workshop and a one-day session.

Our six-week course is offered once a week for six weeks for an hour and a half each week. The two-day workshop is held over the course of two days for four hours each day. The one-day session is held for four hours.

Our courses are offered at a variety of times. If you don't see the course you're looking to take, just reach out and we will be happy to accommodate you.

What happens if a student misses a class?

We record all classes and make the recording available to all enrolled students.  The class is not meant to be an on-demand experience as we are very interactive during the live session.  However, we know things happen and students will have vacation and occasionally have a work or personal issue get in the way.  The on-demand aspect allows a student to stay current, learn the material and complete the homework leading into the next class.

How much does a course cost?

Six-week courses and two-day workshops are $495 per person with discounts available for three or more students.

One-day sessions cost $249 per person with discounts also available for three or more students.

Do you offer discounts for companies looking to send multiple employees?

Yes. If you're registering three or more people, discounts are available.

Do you offer discounts for companies looking to send multiple employees?

Yes. If you're registering three or more people, discounts are available.

Are the courses good for current leaders or emerging leaders?

While similar, the expectations of the course are slightly different for current leaders and emerging leaders attending the program.

Current Leaders
Continue the development of your leadership team and invest into their ongoing growth as leaders of your organization. We combine readings from world recognized thought leaders as a foundation for each course combining it with lecture, group discussion and guest lecturers. The result is a weekly interactive session that is thought provoking and rigorous, taking a deep dive into six different disciplines that leaders will work with day to day.

Emerging Leaders
As your company grows, identifying the best candidates for leadership becomes critical. Use these courses to learn which members of your team have the potential and desire to grow as leaders.  While the course is rigorous, the homework is integrated into their daily activities and we keep their supervisors involved in the process.  As part of the program to help identify your emerging leaders, we will provide you with 1:1 direct feedback. Ultimately, we will help you understand how committed your emerging leader is to their personal development and being “the best they can be,” as a leader of your team. 

The courses also help some students realize that they actually do not want the responsibility that comes with being a leader while others are motivated to go to even higher levels than they first thought possible. This is how Phil Cooper used the courses at Cooper Pest Solutions, taking technicians, customer service reps, sales reps and members of the accounting team through the program.   Over four years, 30 Cooper employees started the program and 15 finished with 11 fulfilling Leadership roles.  The courses gave them the experience to prepare themselves for leadership roles. Most importantly, they were ready when Cooper Pest was ready, shortening the learning curve and making the success rate of new managers and leaders skyrocket.

What kind of feedback does Evolve YT provide to supervisors enrolling aspiring/emerging leaders?

Each student will have a final project that is completed between weeks five and six of the course they are enrolled in.  If the student has attended each class (or viewed the video post class), completed the readings and completed the homework assignments then the final project should take no more than an hour to finish.  However, if the student is behind or did not actively participate in class the final project will be extremely challenging.  The project is submitted to our team and we will provide an overall evaluation of the project to both the student and their supervisors.  In addition we will provide the supervisor with the completed project so he/she can see the final work product and if multiple people from their organization have been enrolled the projects can be compared.

The final project , combined with the student's participation during the course journey helps us see how committed the student is to success and how vested they are in becoming a world class leader and a world class manager. 

How many hours should homework take each week?

Homework should take the average student 3-4 hours per week with a large majority integrated into their daily activities.

Can homework be integrated into the daily work activities of the student?

Absolutely YES.  The homework is designed to be a real world activity with application to the student's current position or future leadership roles within the company.  We want to take theory and make it practical.  For a student that is in a current leadership position, there will be weekly take-aways that will help them grow in how they make their direct reports great.  For emerging leaders the homework activities will be shared with their supervisors so the learning experience is applicable to their individual company.

Can I schedule an in-person training at my business?

Yes, we do offer a select number of in-person trainings at your business. Please contact us to discuss further details.