Evolve YT Kicks Off Accelerated Gross Profit Beta

by Evolve YT | Jan 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Four Pest Control Companies Join Evolve YT’s AGP Beta

Trenton, NJ – Embarking on a revolutionary beta test, Evolve YT is introducing it’s Accelerated Gross Profit (AGP) program.

The AGP beta test, which has four participating pest control companies from across the country, takes one supervisor from each company to work one-on-one with Evolve YT instructors over the course of eight weeks. During these weeks, the instructors will work with the managers to better develop their supervisory skills to increase productivity, employee and customer satisfaction, lower cost of goods sold and most importantly, accelerate their gross profit.

The initial beta participants include Pest-End Inc. in New Hampshire, ATCO Pest Control in California, Accel Pest & Termite Control in Virginia and Ohio, and Thomas Pest Services in New York.

“What makes the AGP beta unique is that it drives the activities of service managers in the six fundamentals responsible for accelerating the gross profit of a pest control company, said CEO Phil Cooper. “While students who attend our Supervisor Development Courses learn the activities that yield results, the beta makes the learnings a reality by turning them into measurable activities.”

Cooper went on to add, “In our beta, we integrate teaching, coaching and reinforcement of the courses with ultimate accountability. We know supervisors are ultimately the ones that drive gross profit in a field service operation and the beta will prove out over four months if we can significantly impact technician productivity, client reputations scores, employee experience, customer satisfaction while decreasing cost of goods sold. If the beta proves out, it will be a game changer when it comes to supervisor training.”

Courtney Carace, chief operations officer for Pest-End Inc., was thrilled to be offered a chance to participate in the beta test.

“Most individuals in our organization are interested in opportunities for advancement,” she said. “While we are able to provide certain opportunities to them, there is often a lack of customized evaluations and training to ensure that the individual is the right fit for the position and has the capacity to do the role and succeed. I think this is an industry issue and I am hopeful that this supervisory training module will help groom members of our team and can be implemented throughout the pest control industry to help develop better leaders and supervisors.”

Carace decided to enroll her supervisor John (Yanni) Petalidas in the beta test and has great expectations for him and the program.

“Having an independent organization to help train and evaluate Yanni as well as coach him up was quite appealing for us,” Carace said. “I hope that Yanni emerges a stronger leader and supervisor and that we can directly correlate that to improvements in our team and to our bottom line.”

Richard Estrada, owner of ATCO Pest Control, is a firm believer in investing in his staff which is why he decided to participate in Evolve YT’s AGP beta test.

“I’m a believer in investing in the professional careers of our staff especially those who manage others,” he said. “I have limited knowledge in many areas of business so this program will be able to add to or provide different training that I may not be able to.”

Estrada enrolled Max Fischer as his supervisor in the beta and hopes that the program will improve more than just his bottom line.

“I’m hoping that the program will improve communication and provide more effective training,” Estrada said. “We want Max to feel more comfortable in managing a team. Additionally, we want him to better understand financials and how he and his team can positively effect profit.”

Jon Furdek of Accel Pest & Termite Control has been enrolled in previous Evolve YT courses and was excited for the opportunity for more one-on-one coaching with the AGP beta.

“Being involved in the previous classes, I feel having more one on one time would be more beneficial with those taking the course,” he said. “I learned a lot during the course that I took. My direct reports have taken the course before but haven’t used what they have learned. I think this beta will help improve that and set them up to succeed as well as hold them accountable to what they are learning.”

Furdek chose to enroll John “JT” Taylor in the beta and hopes that the one-on-one coaching will improve his time management skills as well as developing better supervisory skills to manage his team.

“My expectations are to see an improvement in JT’s department,” Furdek said. “They have a high reservice rate. I also would like to see an improvement in his time management as well as being more involved in the day-to-day operation of his office.”

Taylor, who has previously attended Evolve YT course, is eager to learn and implement the tools provided to him to make his team better.

“Hopefully I will be able to develop even more tools needed to become a more effective manager,” he said, “making my company more profitable, which hopefully will increase my income and enable me to enrich my reports personal and professional lives.”

Anthony Siewert believes the beta will be successful for his position at Thomas Pest Services.

“I believe overall the beta will positively impact my role as I’ll have a better understanding of what I can do to improve my team and leadership skills,” he said. “I’m hoping to fine tune my leadership skills and develop additional resources to continue to be successful in my role as a supervisor.”

Adam Carace, owner of Pest-End Inc., believes Evolve YT’s AGP beta is a great opportunity for pest control companies to improve their supervisors and their overall business.

“The fact is that there is no real training system in place for our industry,” he said. “Usually the best service technician just gets promoted whether they are a good fit or not because it just seems like a natural progression. Hopefully, this program will help get the supervisors trained out of the technician mindset and into the management mindset.”

Evolve YT plans on conducting a Phase 2 beta once the first phase is completed. For companies interested in participating in the beta, click here. For more information on upcoming courses, click here or visit www.EvolveYT.com.

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