What Does Great Leadership Look Like?

by Evolve YT | Nov 02, 2021 | Blog, News, Press

What Does Great Leadership Look Like?

Securing your organization's future starts with employing people who embrace your values. As previously mentioned, your front-line managers have a significant impact on your business. These are the employees that interact most with staff and customers. Although they might lack formal education, these people influence your company's reputation and your bottom line. When these employees are successful in their roles, your organization as a whole also succeeds. Equipping your managers and supervisors with tools and techniques to inspire greatness immediately transforms the quality of leadership in your organization.

Great leaders are well aware of the impact they have on their colleagues. They use this impact to uplift and guide people rather than using their influence to lead through fear. Greatness inspires employees to come to work fully present and ready to contribute to the mission. Poor leadership encourages employees to show up and simply go through the motions so they can make it to another paycheck. These subconscious attitudes that run through your company will affect your culture and your ability to retain high-performing employees.

Building Your Team's Greatness is an example of a program we use to develop your future leaders. In this course, leaders learn how to develop healthy relationships as direct reports while also learning behavioral skills they'll need to create positive interactions with customers and their colleagues. By equipping your leaders with 3 distinct coaching methods for building greatness in their colleagues, you can develop a leadership team that is highly productive and equipped to get the best out of each team member.

Separating Pretenders from Contenders

Great leadership doesn't happen by accident. Rarely will you be able to sift through a stack of resumes and pull out a great leader. Even when it comes to the best performing employees in your organization, there's no guarantee that they're suited for leadership. Evolve YT gives you practical tools you can use to separate pretenders from contenders. Making this distinction allows you to invest in employees most likely to respond to leadership training. Instead of guessing and hoping leadership candidates work out, you can make a direct effort to develop leaders that embrace your organization's values. In our Foundations of Leadership course, we use proven leadership principles from John Maxell and John Wooden to develop effective leaders from within your organization.

Building Your Team's Greatness helps you attract talent by enhancing your interviewing methods. By integrating your most important values into the interview process, you can screen for employees for "right fit" from the start. Our courses help you further set the tone through a detailed onboarding process that helps ensure you're adding the right type of people to your team. Research from DDI's 2018 Global Report found that developing "high potential" employees is 4.2 times more likely to financially outperform training employees who don't show potential. Evolve YT gives you a consistent and accurate system you can use to identify and develop the best talent from within your organization.

Develop Leaders to Secure Your Future

Playing to win requires your organization to have a deep understanding of what each employee brings to the table. Our courses help you evaluate skills, categorize your employees and ensure each person is in the right role for their skillset. After positioning your team for success, we help develop an action plan suited to your organizational goals. By establishing key measures of success, seeking feedback from employees, and documenting every step, our programs allow you to turn your values into a foundation for your organization's future.

During our courses, your front-line managers will learn what a great managerial day looks like, identify activities they need to focus on, and discover ways to best use their colleagues to meet their responsibilities. Each course dives into the different disciplines of leadership that your employees will need to master to make great leadership the norm in your organization. Our courses are held in an interactive and thought-provoking environment that combines group discussion and guest lecturers along with traditional teaching.

Picture what your organization would look like with leaders that truly embrace your values. Developing leaders who know how to resolve conflict and pull greatness from their colleagues will change how your company operates. When you compare your organization to your competitors, you'll have a distinct advantage of having a leadership team that has the instinct to act in alignment with the values important to you as a business owner.

Why Choose Evolve YT

After attending our courses, attendees will leave ready to implement what they've learned. The challenging curriculum will quickly flush out those not suited for leadership positions and, instead, align them with roles where they can succeed. Simply attending these courses makes it easier for your organization to make better use of your resources and develop the talent within your team.

Whether you want to scale your business or maintain your existing operations, you need great leaders that allow you to increase your span of control. Evolve YT helps your managers and supervisors internalize the intangibles of leadership that inspire greatness and rally your team around a single cause. Equipping your leaders with behavioral and psychological tools improves their ability to handle the conflict they'll inevitably come across as a leader. Instead of throwing leaders into the fire and hoping they work out, Evolve YT gives you the tools to develop leaders with precision and purpose.

At the end of each course, we will survey each attendee to see if the course met expectations. It's that simple YES or NO. If the answer is NO, the course is on us, and a full credit will be issued. While you won't find many other companies offering this type of guarantee, we can offer this with full confidence knowing the transformation your leaders will make using our programs. Use the link below to book a discovery session and start building great leaders today.